The programme looks at British Airways' systems modelling approach to improve punctuality in its European services.
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Module code and title: T341, Systems modelling
Item code: T341; 04
First transmission date: 06-06-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributor: Lewis Jones
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Decision making; London Heathrow Airport; Management structure; Methodology; Modelling; Operations control; PPCG (Punctuality Policy and Control Group); Schedule planner
Footage description: Film shots of Heathrow showing parked and taxiing aircraft. Lyn Jones introduces the programme. He explains where hold-ups can occur in aircraft time-tables. Jones uses a route network diagram for British Airways' European services to illustrate his points. Ian Dale and Keith Rapley of British Airways' Operational Research Department explain why the original, big simulation model used by British Airways was unsatisfactory. Lyn Jones and Tony Smith, Trident 2 Fleet Controller, look at an actual problem which arose when an aircraft, at Athens, reported and engine defect. Smith explains the solution which was arrived at. Oliver Turner explains how aircraft schedules are planned. Keith Rapley, Ian Dale and Lyn Jones discuss the process by which the original large simulation model was simplified so that it could be easily understood by the people who have to operate the model. Lyn Jones, with the aid of a graph, explains the stand by model which comes into operation when there is a major delay such as mechanical failure. Ian Dale and Keith Rapley explain how these models fit into the management structure of British Airways. Shots of a meeting of British Airways' Punctuality Planning and Control Group meeting in progress. They discuss ways in which punctuality of schedules can be improved. Lyn Jones sums up.
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