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The programme looks at the use of 'new' materials, glass fibre, carbon fibre, etc. as part of sandwich structures for gliders, rotor blades and the OUMPA wing beam.
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Module code and title: T351, Materials under stress
Item code: T351; 04
First transmission date: 03-04-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:23:52
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Producer: Ted Smith
Contributors: A.(Adrian) Demaid; Nick Reid; Roy Sanders
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bend test; Carbon fibre; Composite structures; Glass fibre; Glider; Helicopter rotor blade; Material technology; Sandwich cores
Footage description: Nick Reid, with the aid of a diagram, explains the basic components of a sandwich structure. Reid next discusses the use of carbon fibre re-enforced plastic for the skin of a sandwich. He uses micrographs and samples of fibres to illustrate his points. Reid goes on to consider what sort of material are best suited for the core of a sandwich structure. Nick Reid explains the advantages of a honeycomb core for sandwich structures which require resistance to shear forces. He shows several, examples of materials made up of a honeycomb structure. Nick Reid, showing samples of sandwich structures, explains how the skin of such a structure can fail. He goes on to show how the core can fail and suggests ways in which failure can be prevented in either case. Nick Reid cites an example of the use of sandwich structures in the aircraft industry; the experimental tail rotor blade of the Sea King helicopter. Still shots of the helicopter. Reid shows a cut away section of a rotor of this type. Ray Sanders explains, with the aid of diagrams, photographs, and wing sections, how sandwich structures are used in the construction of glider wings. Adrian Demaid lists the desirable properties of a perspex foam which has been used for the wing beam of the Open University man powered aircraft (OUMPA). He shows a sample of this perspex and points out where, on the wing beam, the material was used. Adrian Demaid tests the OUMPA wing beam for stiffness right up to the design bending moment at 7.5 kilo-newtons. Demaid briefly sums up.
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Production number: 00525_5255
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