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Some of the ways in which designers see and forecast the future as part of their work are examined.
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Module code and title: T262, Man-made futures: design and technology
Item code: T262; 01; 1976
First transmission date: 1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Colin Robinson
Contributors: Nigel Cross; Robin Roy
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): CAD; Design; Designing for the disabled; Farming; Forecasting; Future-creating
Footage description: Shots of Tarot cards being dealt out. Nigel Cross and Robin Roy introduce the programme. They define the terms 'design' and 'technology' in the context of this course. Film excerpt from a later course programme showing a farmer at work on his farm. Commentary explains how the farmer decides on the proportion of arable to livestock for his farm to get maximum yield. Nigel Cross and Robin Roy discuss the impact of new technology on the design process. Film shots (excerpts from a later programme) show the use of a computer in aiding the design of a school building. Film excerpts from a later programme which deals with design of a better invalid car. The excerpt shows a man getting out of his wheelchair and into an invalid tricycle. Nigel Cross and Robin Roy discuss the importance of problem discovery in the design process. An animated cartoon (excerpt from a later programme) aids. Nigel Cross discusses the future creative and future dependent aspects of the design proces- Robin Roy examines some futures forecasts used in the design process. Shots of a U.K. population forecast graph. Shots of animated graph showing U.K. energy demand forecasts. Roy defines the term 'normative' forecast. Nigel Cross examines the role of fiction when looking at possible futures. Film extract from a BBC production of '1984'. Cross continues his discussion. Film extract from BBC series 'Survivors'. Robin Roy discusses the impact of a particular vision of the future on determining the future. Film shots of Martin Luther King Jnr. and President Kennedy making speeches. Cross discusses the effect of normative aspects on design decisions. Film excerpts from a 1973 BBC Horizon film 'Science is dead, long live Science'. This shows the work of an American group called the 'New Alchemists' in establishing an integrated, ecological approach to the technology they design for their small, self-supporting community. Nigel Cross and Robin Roy discuss the problem of recognising the values and assumptions which underly design discussions. To illustrate their points, excerpts from a BBC television programme 'The Telly of Tomorrow' shows examples of possible uses of cable television in the future.
Master spool number: 6HT/71977
Production number: 00525_5270
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