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The programme concentrates on the abattoir and how it meets the varying requirements of its retail customers.
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Module code and title: T273, Food production systems
Item code: T273; 05
First transmission date: 23-06-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: David Jackson
Presenter: Dick Morris
Contributors: Richard A. Baker; John Barrett; Tom Hutchinson; Bob Wallis; Norman Fountain; Jim Robb; Royston Hine; Gordon Ward; Ron Williams
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Abattoir; Butcher; Fat; Meat; Supermarkets
Footage description: John Barrett, Director of the Barrett and Baird Group, discusses the basic function of the abattoir. He stands in an abattoir as he talks. John Barrett and Dick Baker (Buyer for an independent butcher chain) look over the beef carcasses in the abattoir and Baker selects those he wants. He explains his job as buyer and then goes back to bargain with John Barrett over the price of the beef carcasses. Baker explains what he is looking for in the way of a beef carcass. Over shots of beef carcasses in an abattoir, Dick Morris briefly explains the work done there. Tom Hutchinson (Buyer for Dalgety Buswell) lists the requirements of Sainsbury for beef for their supermarkets. He stands in a cattle pen pointing out suitable and unsuitable animals. Bob Wallis (Chief Meat Buyer for Sainsbury Stores Ltd.) explains how the meat for Sainsbury's is handled in the abattoir after slaughter. He holds up some cuts of sirloin and points out those features which Sainsbury consider desirable. Finally Wallis briefly discusses the relationship between Sainsbury and the abattoir. Over shots of cattle feeding on barley, Dick Morris introduces the next contributor. Norman Fountain (Waitrose Stores Ltd) explains what sort of beef Waitrose buyers look for. He points out that intensive barley feeding is required to produce this type of beef. Jim Robb (Product Development Manager, Unitrition International Ltd.) discusses a cheaper alternative to barley developed by his company. The process involves an alkaline extrusion technique used on straw. Shots of cows eating hay and of field stubble being burned while he talks. Shots of feed pellets - the finished product. Dick Morris explains how a combination of breeding and feeding techniques can produce meat tailor made to customers requirements. Royston Hine (ASDA Stores Ltd.) explains how ASDA ensures that it controls its beef intake through good communications with the producers and good quality control. Gordon Ward (ASDA Quality Inspector) points to sides of beef and explains what he looks for. Over shots of beef being cut, Royston Hine continues to discuss quality control at ASDA stores. Dick Morris and then Royston Hine explain what happens to the beef after it leaves the abattoir and is prepared for the ASDA shelves, Shots show the process at various stages. Ron Williams (Director, Dalgety Buswell) summarises the programme with a discussion on how the abattoir tries to ensure that the demands from supermarkets for particular types of beef are met. Shots of sides of beef and beef joints.
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