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The programme looks at the difficulties faced by subsistence farmers in Kenya and some of the help being provided by the Government in the way of research, education and services such as piped water.
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Module code and title: T273, Food production systems
Item code: T273; 06
First transmission date: 28-07-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Nat Taylor
Narrator: Bill Mayon-White
Contributors: Benson Mwakugu; David Bronkensha; Bernard Riley; Hans Ruthenberg; Michael Collinson; Eliud Omolo; Ali Muses
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Kenyan agriculture; Subsistence farming
Footage description: Film of a Kenyan radio station studio. A broadcast aimed at small farmers is just going out. Over shots of Kenya countryside and a map of Africa, commentary describes the farming problems in arid areas of Kenya. Film of a Kenyan farmer plowing a field with oxen. Film of a woman breaking the soil with a hand hoe. Film of farm workers planting seed by hand. Film of cattle on a small farmstead. Commentary describes the conditions under which the small subsistence farmer in Kenya works and lives. Film of a woman preparing a meal and young men building a mud and thatch hut. David Brokensha, an anthropologist, discusses, briefly, the attitude of the local people towards education as a method of upward mobility. A research botanist, Bernard Riley, points out the problems of trying to cultivate such an arid land intensively. Shots of eroded landscape and terraced fields on slopes. Shots of girls filling water caskets at a stream and carrying them home. Shots of piped water in a village. Commentary discusses the government efforts to relieve the drought conditions for small farmers. Shots of a woman loading goods for selling at the local market. Shots of the market. Commentary explains the role of the market in the economy of the small farmers.
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