The programme looks at what happened when a group of shop stewards at Lucas Aerospace decided to develop a new and constructive corporate plan which they hoped would avoid redundancies and also mee...t social needs.
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Module code and title: T361, Control of technology
Item code: T361; 05
First transmission date: 27-06-1978
Published: 1978
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Producer: David Nelson
Narrator: Alan Dobie
Contributors: Mike Cooley; Ernest Scarbrow; Anthony Wedgewood Benn; Alf Dean; Danny Conroy; Phil Asquith; Terry Moran; Steve Walsh; Jeff Rooker; Audrey Wise
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Combine committee; Corporate plan; Lucas; Redundancies; Trade Unions
Footage description: Silent captions give background information on the alternative corporate plan devised by Lucas shop stewards. Shots of an industrial estate in Willesden. Commentary by Mike Cooley and Ernie Scarbrow (Lucas shop stewards) describe the run down of engineering industry in this area. Tony Benn, M.P. recalls his reaction to the Lucas shop stewards when they approached him with anxieties about the future of their company. Alan Dobie (voice over news clippings) discuss the press reaction to the corporate plan suggested by Benn. Alf Dean, Danny Conroy and Phil Asquith (shop stewards at the Lucas Burnley plant) explain why they came to adopt the alternative corporate plan. Phil Asquith, Terry Moran and Steve Walsh (shop stewards) discuss the difficulties they encountered in involving the work force in drawing up the alternative corporate plan. Film of one of several meetings at Padiham Town Hall, near Burnley, at which the Lucas shop stewards tried to win the support of the workforce for the plan. Mike Cooney (AUEW shop steward) is the main speaker. Film excerpts of a road/rail vehicle which was shown to those at the meeting to illustrate a possible future product for manufacture under the alternative corporate plan. Alan Dobie (v/o) and Mike Cooley (at the meeting) explain what changes in the methods of production were contained in the corporate plan. The meeting discusses profitability for the company if the corporate plan, as outlined, were adopted. Film shots, in a Burnley pub, of a discussion between Lucas shop floor workers and Lucas middle managers illustrate the response of different members of the work force to the corporate plan. Alan Dobie (v/o shots of various Lucas plants) presents the response of Lucas management to the alternative corporate plan. Mike Cooley (shop steward) explains why, in his view, the company rejected the plan. Over still graphics, shots of Lucas plants and of TUC headquarters, Alan Dobie explains the trade union reaction to the plan. Two Lucas shop steward Mike Cooley and Ernest Scarbrow explain why, in their view, the trades unions were so unhelpful. Over shots of the Houses of Parliament, Alan Dobie relates the reasons why the Lucas shop stewards lobbied Parliament for support. Jeff Rooker, M.P. and Audrey Wise M.P. explain why they could do very little to help the Lucas shop stewards push through their alternative corporate plan. Alan Dobie (v/o shots of Parliament) and Mike Coole discuss reasons why the Government was unwilling to help push the alternative corporate plan through. Tony Benn sums up his views on the failure of the plan. Alan Dobie (v/o shots of industrial plants being demolished) lists some of the results of the failure of Lucas to take up the corporate plan. Mike Cooley sums up.
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