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The programme examines the Centre for Alternative Technology which was set up in 1974 in mid-Wales on a communal basis to produce food organically and to derive power and heating from the sun.
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Module code and title: T361, Control of technology
Item code: T361; 06
First transmission date: 01-08-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Nelson
Narrator: Alan Dobie
Contributors: Roderick James; John Kurk; Bob Todd; Peter Bond; Irene Ghant; Jane Bryant; Barry Howlett; Gerard Morgan-Grenville; Eirig Humphries
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Alternative energy; Craft skills; Fish farming
Subject terms: Renewable energy sources; Solar energy; Wind power; Centre for Alternative Technology (Great Britain);
Footage description: Bob Todd, a member of the Centre, explains how he became involved with it. Shots of him riding a bicycle through the mid-Wales countryside as he talks. Gerard Morgan-Grenville (an industrialist and founder of the Centre) explains the original aims of the Centre. Film shots of the Centre showing windmills, solar panels, etc. Commentary by Alan Dobie points out how the original aims for the Centre have been put into practise. Barry Howlett, a Centre member, explains why he joined. Jane Bryant, another member, explains her job in the Centre's fish farming project. Shots of her at work. Shots of solar panels at the Centre. Alan Dobie (v/o) and Bob Todd discuss the research done on solar panels at the Centre. Film shots of the Centre's large solar roof and insulated water tank. Still shots of tourists examining various items of interest. Commentary by Alan Dobie, Roderick James and Bob Todd discusses the financial set up at the Centre and the need to raise money from tourists. Film shots of Eirig Humphries, a local stonemason, cutting slate and working on a building at the Centre. Film of a meeting of members at the Centre where policy and work are decided. The film illustrates the democratic nature of the project. More shots of the meeting in progress, this time discussing criticism, from outsiders, of their use of plastic gutters. Finally the meeting discusses the political implications of dealing with a supplier who has connections with South Africa. Peter Bond, an architect recalls the brief he had from Wates the builders to build, at the Centre, a solar powered house which contained ultra heavy insulation. Shots of the Wates house (inside and out). Alan Dobie, Peter Bond and Bob Todd discuss the success of the design. Alan Dobie and Bob Todd discuss changes in emphasis or work done at the Centre from small scale applications towards providing ambient energy on a much larger scale. As an example of the work being done in this direct shots of a large focusing solar collector which is capable of providing very high temperatures. Commentary by Todd and Dobie. Bob Todd and Alan Dobie discuss how high technology can be integrated with an alternative technology approach. They go on to discuss the sorts of changes which would need to be made in society to introduce alternative technology on a large scale. Shots of a windmill being set up at the Centre.
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