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This programme examines the technique of interviewing as a method of data collection. Phillip Williams, professor of Education, at the Open University, introduces extracts from a series of between two interviewers, Jean Atkinson and Caroline Finch from the Social Survey and a group of sixth form pupils from Wood Green School, London.
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Module code and title: E341, Methods of educational enquiry: an empirical approach
Item code: E341; 04
First transmission date: 28-04-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:23:26
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Producer: Vic Lockwood
Contributors: Jean Atkinson; Caroline Finch
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bias; Data collection; Interview techniques; Interviewer control of informant; Interviewer rapport; Open interview; Probing technique; Structured interview
Footage description: Caroline Finch conducts an interview with a sixth form pupil. the latter talks about the relationship between teacher and pupils at the sixth form. Phillip Williams refers to the above sequence, he then talks about how interviews can be planned and structured in order to collect data. Shot of Finch talking to another sixth form pupil about the purpose of the interview. Pupil tells Finch about what happens in the sixth form and about the extent to which it is different to the other forms in the school. The interviewer makes notes. Williams sums up the last sequence and points out how the researcher, from the free interview material, builds a structured interview schedule for data collection purposes. Fich explains the purpose of her interview to Anna, another pupil. As the interview progresses Williams comments in the background on interview techniques. Williams comments on the techniques as the interviewer probes for more detailed answers. A playback takes place. A replay of the interview takes place and Phillip Williams comments in the background. Caroline Finch makes notes. Phillip Williams comments on the last sequence making reference to the problems arising from the interviewers' skills and those relating to variation in replies given by the interviewees. Shot of Jean Atkinson interviewing another sixth form pupil about the General Studies Course offered in the sixth form and about its relevance to their curriculum. Phillip Williams comments on the last sequence pointing out the sort of problems one is likely to face in a situation of that kind. He then introduces Jean Atkinson to demonstrate what problems arise when insufficient rapport is realised with interviewee. Jean Atkinson interviews another sixth form pupil. Phillip Williams introduces another sequence where the same interview as in the last sequence takes place for purposes of contrast and for evidence of greater control and effectiveness on the part of the interviewer. Jean Atkinson interviews the same sixth form pupil and more data are collected than previously.
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