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This film examines two community-based thrusts towards the 'opening up' of education; in the older working class neighbourhoods of amsterdam and on the vast, sprawling, new housing estates of Haarlem.
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Module code and title: E351, Urban education
Item code: E351; 03
First transmission date: 30-03-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:21:06
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Producer: Gwynn Pritchard
Contributors: John Raynor; A F Woods
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): ABC; Amsterdam; Bernard Van Leer Foundation; Community involvement; Dr. Goes; E.M. Welling; Educational system; Houseboats; Pieter Elbers; Problems and solutions; Rudi Gerstel; Schalkwijk
Footage description: Opens with comment by Dr. A.F. Woods, Programme Director at the Bernard Van Leer Foundation. Shots of mothers and children playing with plasticine. Voice over, John Raynor introduces the programme which covers community inspired projects for pre school education in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Speaking to camera, he describes the urbanization of Northern Holland. Montage of shots of Amsterdam streets and squares, followed by shots of canals and boats, cars and streets, with street organ music and shots of organ working. Raynor goes on to point out. the old and cramped housing in the dock area: shots of this; and the typical educational problems it gives rise to. He describes the work of the ABC, a government agency producing teaching material geared to under privileged children. Dr.Goes enlarges on this. Shots of houseboats, indicative of housing shortage. Raynor describes the massive new housing estates such as on the Bijlemermeer that have been built to ease this but are unsuccessful and too expensive, thereby increasing pressure on the run-down inner city areas. Speaking to camera, he stresses the problem of overcrowding. Film of a working class housing estate where parents pressed for access to the school during day time. Mr.E.M. Welling, director of the Van Leer Foundation, briefly describes how they became involved in an active research project in this community. Freddie Woods comments on the way parental involvement in Amsterdam led on to Haarlem. Over montage of shots of Haarlem; Raynor describes the massive public housing developement at Schalkwijk and comments on its lack of provision for preschool children. Mr. E.M. Welling explains how the parents set up and run a co-operative play group with some professional help from the Van Leer Foundation. Raynor talks to Pieter Elbers, one of the parents originally involved and Rudi Gerstel, a psychologist in the Local Education Institute and in charge of the project. Finally he talks to an English housewife on her experience of the Kindergarten. Shots of it. Raynor sums up.
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