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This hard-hitting film is a portrait of Thomas Calton School, Peckham, but as the title implies it doesn't only look at the school itself but also at the neighbourhood within which it is located. ...This is a comprehensive based in two separate buildings, both erected at the end of the 19th Century as primary schools. This severely over crowded inner city secondary school has very little going for it from a material point of view. The area of Peckham in which it is located has few amenities and leaves a great deal to be desired in terms of housing, employment, social welfare and race relations, yet at the school they are trying hard to overcome these obstacles and to sustain an educative community.
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Module code and title: E351, Urban education
Item code: E351; 07
First transmission date: 13-07-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:22:56
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Producer: Gwynn Pritchard
Contributors: Ian Findlay; Ron Pepper
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ann Jones; Bongo drums; Employment; Eric Hodson; Housing; Local amenities; Neighbourhood; Nora Richards; Over-crowding; Race relations; Thomas Calton School, Peckham
Footage description: Ron Pepper, Headmaster of Thomas Carlton School, Peckham, defines the educative community' of the school. Shots of Peckham street market and boarded up houses in side streets. A schoolgirl comments on local squalor, and Pepper on neighborhood deprivation. Detached youth worker Nora Richards explains the frustration felt by black and white children alike. Montage of shots of Thomas Carlton School. Pepper emphasises the inadequacy of the school buildings. Teacher Ian Findlay points out that the lack of facilities for children at home and at school is reflected in their classroom behaviour. Richards suggests utilising derelict buildings for youth centres. A white school boy complains of nothing to do on Sundays. Montage of black schoolchildren playing bongo drums. A black schoolboy and a white man comment on the lack of racial integration in the area. Richards reinforces this. Deputy Head Ann Jones explains how the fragmentation of the community is reflected in the school. PTA Chairman Eric Hodson talks about parents outdated views of school. School children talk about the lack of discipline and bad facilites. School Keeper in playground points out damage and violence and recommends the cane. A white teacher talks about discipline and a white schoolboy on school work. Ann Jones and a black schoolgirl comment on teachers-pupil relationships. Ron Pepper and Ann go on to comment on the role of the school in fostering a sense of community. A white teacher adds that society moulds the school rather than vice versa. Eric Hodson expresses optimism despite increasing housing problems. Ron Pepper sums up.
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