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Shows two well-known journalists engaged in reading tasks, and uses show charts to clarify the thinking process. Ends with brief extracts from 1973 version to show other reading situations.
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Module code and title: PE951, Reading Development
Item code: PE951; 01; 1974
First transmission date: 02-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:23:35
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Producer: Ed Milner
Contributors: Nick Farnes; John Merritt
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Analysing reading material; Flow diagram; Reading processes; Reading skills; Students; Work
Footage description: Opening shots show Peter Paterson and Corinna Adam in their newspaper office. John Merritt introduces the programme which shows how two professionals approach their reading. He hands over to Nick Fames who introduces the technique of reading analysis to be used. Peter Paterson scans through a book he has for review. Shots of him handling the book. He explains the features he looks for in gaining a quick appreciation of the subject matter and approach. Fames reviews the strategy and an animated flow chart showing the main, important and minor parts of the book for the purposes of reviewing, is built up over a re-run of Paterson's comments. Fames introduces the next stage in which Paterson takes a closer look at one chapter of the book. Fames applies the flow chart technique to the structuring of a single paragraph. Corinna Adam scans a report on police immigrant relations and compares it with a report from the police. Fames comments on the strategy employed here. Corinna goes on to cogitate about the main points of the leader article she is to write. Fames sums up the programme so far. Final section is composed of clips from the 1973 version of this programme, showing the post room, production manager, personnel manager, and works foremen of Trist, Draper Ltd., caretaker, student teacher, and English lecturer; and finally the children of Learaside Junior School in their project material library.
Master spool number: 6HT/71282
Production number: 00525_6070
Videofinder number: 2988
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