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The opening sequence is an impressionistic view of Hackney and some of the social contradictions in the environment which are thought to be a contributory cause of some of the problems of young chi...ldren's adjustment to school. The programme shows some aspects of the Nurture Groups project being run by I.L.E.A., in about 20 London schools, mainly in Hackney. The film includes sequences in the nurture groups classrooms at two of the schools in the project, and an examination of the different approach to parents and the local community generally, in the two schools. Details of the activities in nurture group classrooms (the morning breakfast, discipline, writing exercise, body defining conversation, cooking, etc.) in two schools are seen. The problems involved in trying to involve parents in these schools and their activities is explored. Towards the end of the film, the case of one boy is shown in some detail; he had been a "nurture child", but when the film was made he had already benefited to the extent that he was re adjusted to the classroom situation.
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Module code and title: E201, Personality and learning
Item code: E201; 13
First transmission date: 24-08-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:29
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Producer: Edward Milner
Contributors: Eric Clements; Jane Harmsworth; Melita Daniel; Sylvia Lucas; Ken Hanson; Janet Delieu
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Activities; Adjusting to school; Benthal Infant School; Dressmaking; Environment; Hackney; Kingsmead Infant School; Nurture Groups Project; Parental involvement; Social contradictions; Tenants Association
Footage description: The programme opens with film of Hackney over which a boy reads a poem complaining about Hackney. An extract from the Tony Blackburn radio programme is played over film of the Kingsmead Estate in Hackney. Blackburn plays a request for Eric Clements, a six year old whose mother describes in interview why he was a very difficult child. A short poem expressing hostility to school is read over aerial shots of Hackney. The Nurture Group at Benthal Infant School in Hackney is observed having breakfast. The Group's teacher, Jane Harmsworth, explains why her job is different from that of an ordinary teacher. Over further film of the group, the school's headmistress, Melita Daniel, describe the aims of the nurture class. An extended observation of the class concentrates on Harmsworth's questioning of a small boy. Over film of the nurture group Harmsworth explains why she enjoys her job. Melita Daniel describes the relation of the class to the rest of the school and to parents. Film of a parent visiting the nurture class. Sylvia Lucas, headmistress of Kingsmead Infant School in Hackney, describes how her teachers visit parents at home. Lucas and another teacher are seen visiting a house in Kingsmead. In interview, Ken Hanson, chairman of the 'Kingsmead Parents' Association, explains the advantage of good teacher parent relations. Film of a dressmaking class for parents at Kingsmead School. Lucas and Hanson in interview explain the importance of the Local Tenants Association involvement with the school. The Kingsmead nurture group is observed at play. In voice-over Lucas explains the purpose of the nurture group. The group's teacher, Janet Delieu gives her view of the children she teaches. In interview, Eric Clements' mother describes the benefits to her son that have resulted from his attendance of the nurture group. Sylvia Lucas gives her view of Eric's improvement, over shots of his work and of him playing. (actuality) In interview the two headmistresses comment on the usefulness of nurture groups. Aerial views of Hackney. Credits (over classroom scenes).
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