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This film was made on location in Tanzania. It looks at the development of the philosophy of "'Education for Self-Reliance" in practice. The Minister of National Education, at the time of... the film's production, reflects on current developments. The programme provides the setting for this philosophy of Self-Reliance and provides a first-hand picture of the work which is going on.
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Module code and title: E203, Curriculum design and development
Item code: E203; 02
First transmission date: 28-02-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Ken Little
Contributors: S Chiwanga; Ken LIttle; Mr Mnzava
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): `Education for self-reliance'; Current developments; Minister for National Education; Tanzania; Ujamaa
Footage description: Opening shots of a lion in Tanzanian grassland. The Minister of National Education, S. Chiwanga, states the aims of education in Tanzania. Film of girls singing and dancing at school. Chiwanga explains the need to base Tanzanian education on a firm ideological basis. Film of villagers working. Little describes the Tanzanian Ujamaa, or rural cooperative, over film of villagers discussing maize crops. In interview Chiwanga explains the idea of "Education for self-reliance" in Tanzanian society and declares a need for close combination of academic and farm work. Film of village children singing and hoeing. Chiwanga explains the role of the People's Militia in the achievement of Self-Reliance. Film of school children in the militia training. In voice over Little comments on political indoctrination over film of children working on the land. In reply Chiwanga explains the need for political education. Film of class being taught. Chiwanga describes the setting up of Ujamaa villages and resulting improvements in the education system, such as a greater belief in education and cooperative bulding of schools. Shots of village children. Chiwanga discusses the problem of some parents being unwilling to send their children to school. He also maintains that less emphasis should be placed on exams and more on continuous assessment. Over film of one village, Little comments on the mixture of old and new in Tanzanian society. Chiwanga explains how the school can act as an agent for social change. Film of teacher and class. Chiwanga explains the importance of educating teachers into the new ideas. Shots of schoolchildren's choir and handicraft class. In voice-over Little describes the training of teachers, which includes learning traditional skills and farming techniques. Film of student teachers engaged in these activities at a training college. Interview with Mr. Mnzava, principal of Marangu College. He outlines their programme for retraining teachers and the way the college is run. Film of an English methodology class at the college. Chiwanga explains the importance of changing teachers' attitudes as well as the curriculum. Over film of a science class, Little points out the teachers methodology. He concludes by commenting on the need to relate the curriculum to local village needs
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