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The programme portrays a day at the school, depicting the range of musical and other activities that make up the curriculum. The headmaster, Peter Renshaw, describes the curriculum structure and o...rganisation, refers to forms of planning employed, and defends the concept of specialist schools. Yehudi Menuhin discusses the school's aims in the formation of good musicians who are also "rounded human beings". We see some of the "academic" activities (so called to distinguish them from "musical" activities) and various aspects of the musical life of the school. Louis Kentner and Yehudi Menuhin are shown teaching, and we also see individual practice, ensemble work and orchestral playing. The community life of the school is also apparent.
Metadata describing this Open University video programme
Module code and title: E203, Curriculum design and development
Item code: E203; 08
First transmission date: 29-05-1976
Published: 1976
Duration: 00:24:34
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Mike Golby; Yehudi Menuhin
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Academic activities; Community life; Ensemble work; Individual practice; Louis Kentner; Musical activities; Orchestral playing; Planning; School curriculum; Specialist schools
Footage description: The programme opens with all the pupils of the Yehudi Menuhin School playing a piece of music. Shots of the school grounds. In interview, Menuhin expresses his philosophy of education and briefly outlines what his school has to offer. Film of morning assembly at the school. It consists of a musical exercise and a short meditation. In interview Peter Renshaw, the school's headmaster briefly describes the curriculum, and the organisation of daily activities. A chart is used to demonstrate the balance between musical and academic subjects. Film of a French class in progress, followed by sequences from a music improvisation lesson and a young pupils' maths lesson. Menuhin explains the need for pupils to have regular contact with practising musicians as well as teachers. Film of Louis Kentner advising a pupil on piano technique. In interview, Renshaw describes the constraints placed on academic study by the concentration on music. Film of a science lesson in a laboratory. Film of an individual cello lesson, followed an individual violin lesson, taken by Robert Masters, the Director of Music at the school, violin music. Various scenes from the recreation period are shown: girls playing a guitar duet; table tennis; a game of football; children playing cards. In interview, Renshaw gives his justification for running a specialist school with the assistance of government money. Film of an improvised drama class. Sequence showing Menuhin teaching the violin. In interview Menuhin gives his view of what his school can offer the pupils. The programme ends with a school concert of Dvorak's Quintet in Eb. Shots of the school grounds.
Master spool number: 6HT/72133
Production number: 00525_6120
Videofinder number: 3432
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