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The film focuses on the handling of a major budget crises early in 1974 at Atkinson College, York University, Toronto, Canada. It is a case study in consultative management under the severest of co...nstraints. The programme comprises interviews with come of the chief participants and extracts from a decisive meeting of the decision making Dean's Advisory Committee at the college.
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Module code and title: E321, Management in education
Item code: E321; 07
First transmission date: 13-04-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:23:53
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Producer: Gwynn Pritchard
Contributor: Colin Morgan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Budget cuts; Harry Crowe; Howard Adelman; John Yotton; Management techniques; Margaret Knittle; Opposition; Policy and planning committee; York University, Ontario
Footage description: The programme opens with film of a meeting at Atkinson College, which is part of York University in Ontario. The Dean of Atkinson announces to the meeting that there is a budget problem. Over shots of the College campus, Morgan describes the nature of this financial problem. Morgan interviews John Yotton, President of York University, who explains how he intends to handle the financial crisis. Over further shots of the campus, Morgan explains that Atkinson College caters for adult education. Yotton gives reasons for cutting the budget of the College. Morgan interviews Harry Crowe, the College Dean. Crowe describes his role in the University management, and how he intends to handle the financial crisis. Film of Crowe discussing the problem with colleagues at Atkinson College. He suggests a course of action involving a reduction of College activity, and his staff offer opinion on this. A wide range of views are voiced. Morgan interviews the Dean elect, Margaret Knittle, who describes how some people opposed the Dean's plan. Also in interview, Howard Adelman explains how the College policy and planning committee handled the Dean's proposal. John Montgomery, one of the College student leaders describes student attempts to oppose the Dean's planned cutbacks. After the decision has been taken to implement a modified version of the Dean's plan, he describes the way in which the decision was reached. Over shots of Atkinson campus, Morgan comments on the management techniques employed at the College. He concludes by considering the application of the Canadian system to English schools.
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Production number: 00525_6127
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