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This programme examines work at Cadbury's Bournville factory, and considers the disparity between the routine of the production line and the self fulfilment advocated by liberal philosophies of education.
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Module code and title: E202, Schooling and society
Item code: E202; 02
First transmission date: 20-03-1977
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:24:24
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Producer: David Thompson
Contributors: Sir Adrian, Cadbury; Ernest Steele; Ralph Knight; Ted Beasley; Steve Tasker
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cadburys; Education and work; Bournville
Footage description: The programme opens with a song about a sixteen year old's attitudes to school and work, over shots of the production line at Cadbury's factory, Bournville. Shots of a class at the local primary school (founded by Cadbury's) over which a teacher explains his philosophy of education. Head of the school describes the role of Dame Elizabeth Cadbury in setting up the school. Her portrait shown, Classroom scenes. In interview Adrian Cadbury, company chairman, explains why Cadburys got involved in education in 19th century Birmingham, Aerial view of Bournville, over which its creation is described. Adrian Cadbury explains the move to Bournville in 1879, and describes the regime that existed there. Ernest Steele, branch secretary T.G.W.U and a former employee add to this picture of life at Bournville. Cadbury gives the firm's motives behind its Victorian educational programme. Many stills of early Bournville in this sequence. Ted Beasley, vice-chairman of the works council, describes the good labour relations at Cadbury. Ralph Knight, Factory Employment Officer, is seen introducing a number of school-leavers to Cadbury's regulations. Shots of an instructor giving an exercise to a new young recruit, over which Knight comments on industrial relations at Cadbury's. In interview and over film of young people receiving initial training at Cadbury's, Careers Officer Steve Tasker comments on the disparity between schools' and industry's attitude to repetitive industrial work. He argues that work involves much more than the mere manual task involved. A female worker at Cadbury's expresses dissatisfaction with the boredom of production line work. However, she expresses hostility to school, and states a strong preference for work at Cadbury's. Tasker supports her viewpoint Another worker explains why she enjoys working at Cadbury's. Adrian Cadbury advocates continuing education for his workforce. Shots of a class at Bournville College of Further Education, founded by Cadbury The teacher explains the value of day release classes for young employees. Cadbury presses support for workers' education. Finally, Tasker explains why repetitive work is preferable to unemployment. Repeat of song.
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