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This film pursues the theme of the search for meaning which was raised in the first programme. The main setting is a new hilltop housing estate. With its clustered, inward looking houses, the idea ...of the design was to recreate the feeling of closeness, in the valleys. But so far various attempts at social engineering, by members of the community themselves and by outside agencies have not proved successful. The film looks at the responses of those who live there and their feelings about the contrast between this life and that down, in the valleys. The primary school on the estate is of special interest: the headmaster is the only official on the estate and so serves manifold functions as counsellor and social worker. One of the school's aims is to help generate a community and the film asks how far it is able to respond to this task.
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Module code and title: E202, Schooling and society
Item code: E202; 08
First transmission date: 02-05-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:21
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Producer: David M Thompson
Contributors: Keith Swayne; Peter Woods; James Reynolds
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Education; Housing estate; Penrhys; Rhondda Valley; Community; Bullying; Vandalism
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of the Rhondda Valley, over which woods describes the effects of decline on the Rhondda community - In interview a fifth-former briefly explains why he wants to leave school. Stills of schoolboys from the early 20th century, over which Woods mentions the difficulties facing modern educators in the Rhondda. In interview secondary school headmaster Swayne describes his method of dealing with bullying at school. Views of the Rhondda and of Penrhys housing estate, over which Woods describes the ideas behind this estate. Two residents voice hostility to the estate, and a teenager describes the attractions of vandalism. Further shots of the Penrhys estate, over which Woods introduces the subject of truancy. Sequence in which a deputy headmaster interviews a teenager about his truancy in his own home. Shots of children playing at Penrhys, over which Woods comments on widespread disaffection. Primary school headmaster explains the discontent. A number of women and youths voice their complaints and compare Penrhys with the old settlements of the Rhondda. Shots of a girls gazooka band practising, over which the band leader describes his training of the girls. Shots of a scout troop meeting, over which the scout leader describes his succes at Penrhys. Interview with the chairman of Penrhys Tenants Association and his wife, who comment on the popularity of bingo. Shots of a large number of people playing bingo. Voice-over on the failure of Penrhys to form a community. Shots of primary school play-ground and of Welsh lesson. The head, Reynolds, describes his role in the Penrhys community. Film of him dealing with the problems of two residents. Over shots of a music class at the school, Reynolds describes the importance of the music class. In interview Reynolds describes his school's success. Over shots of the music class, and then of bingo, Woods concludes by commenting on the role of the primary school.
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Production number: 00525_6153
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