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The programme shows some of the work done on a class resource unit by a group of mixed ability 9 year olds.
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Module code and title: PE231, Reading development
Item code: PE231; 08
First transmission date: 30-09-1977
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Saints County Middle School; John White; John White
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Edit; Index; Project; Reference; Store
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of a class in progress, over which teacher John White explains why he set up the resource unit project. The unit is a constantly growing encyclopaedia of information which is put together by the children themselves. White is seen questioning a group about the scheme's retrieval system. Caption: "Preparing Storage". Over shots of children decorating boxes that store information, one of the children explains why boxes are decorated. Caption: "Editing and Indexing". The same group explain to White how they select material for inclusion in the scheme and how they index it. One child also adds comments in voice-over. The cross-reference system is then explained. Over shots of the whole class, White describes the evolution of the scheme over a period of 3 months. The remainder of the programme is shot after this period has elapsed. Caption: "Teaching" A small group from the class explain how the scheme operates to 2 boys from another class. They check that the boys have understood the lesson by getting them to use the resource unit. Captain: "Classification1.1 Sequence in which children work together on problems of indexing information. White, in voice-over, comments on the wider aims of the scheme. Captain: "Development Problems" The children discuss with White how they can extend the scheme to the rest of the school. White also comments on the adaptability of the scheme in voice-over. He also praises the fact that it's essentially child-oriented. Credits.
Master spool number: 6HT/72469
Production number: 00525_6164
Videofinder number: 1111
Available to public: no