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In this programme a group of teachers from the Waltham Forest West Indian Supplementary Service discuss the way in which issues raised in a film 'Young, Black and British' are dealt with in the sch...ools to which they have been seconded.
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Module code and title: E361, Education and the urban environment
Item code: E361; 07
First transmission date: 12-09-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:29
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributor: Joyce Little
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Carribean; Discrimination; Prejudice; Race; Racialism; West Indian
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of blacks and of Waltham Forest street scenes. Over these and shots of the borough's West Indian Supplementary Service Centre the narrator explains that teachers meet at the centre to discuss the problems of West Indian schoolchildren. Throughout the programme extracts from a schools television film Young, Black and British are seen. This film was made by five black teenage girls. The first extract shows black children at primary and secondary schools. The girls comment on the growth of racial prejudice as children get older. Following this a large group of teachers at Waltham Forest West Indian Supplementary Service Centre discuss the awareness of prejudice among young black children. They discuss ways in which such children can be made aware of black culture. Interview with Joyce Little, the teacher in charge of the centre. She explains why the service was set up. More film of the discussion group at the centre. They consider ways to combat racial prejudice. Further extract from Young, Black and British which complains that athletics is the only are where blacks have made progress. Back to the Centre, where the group discusses job opportunities and the aspirations of young blacks. Brief interview with Little. Excerpt from Young, Black and British containing old film of black immigrants arriving in Britain in the 1950s. In response to this the teachers at the centre discuss the role of black parents in the children's education. Extract from Young, Black and British in which a well-qualified but unemployed black man is interviewed. Afterwards the teachers at the Centre discuss the nature and causes of black unemployment, and how teachers can help the situation. The girls in Younq, Black and British complain about Police attitudes towards young blacks. The teacher discuss this problem and suggest ways of improving preconceptions about blacks. In interview Little explains the need for schools to inculcate a positive Black conciousness. The teachers consider the influence of positive descrimination for blacks. Several describe such practice in their own schools. Extract from Young, Black and British in which the five girls advocate an end to racial descrimination. Final excerpt from the group discussion in which teachers consider their own roles. Shots of black musicians.
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