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Shots of Southwark Bridge and Thames water polluted. F.E. Bruce introduces the programme, which is to deal with water supply and drainage. F.E. Bruce describes the growth of London, with the aid of... an animated map, up to ca. 1860,and the supply of water to the poor areas of London. Also described is the drainage of human and animal waste from the poor areas. Contemporary engravings shown. Bruce describes the waste disposal operating in the well to do areas and carries on to give a brief account of the development of London's sewer system up to the Great Stink of 1858 and 1859. Contemporary engravings of the sewers shown. Supplemented with film. Bruce describes the attempts from 1847 of London to reorganise its sewers and drainage, culminating in the scheme of Sir Joseph Bazallgette. Map showing the Bazallgette scheme for London's Sewer system on which work began in l859. Photographs of work on the drainage system. Bruce recounts the difficulties of construction that characterised the project. Bruce describes the construction of the of the Victoria Embankment, and Low level and pleet sewers behind the embankment. The construction of overflow weirs and sewers in described and the route of overflow drainage shown. Film of all described points and features is shown. Bruce describes the growing problems of water supply to Manchester in the first half of the nineteenth century. Bateman's proposals for supply of water to Manchester are described and the scheme of linked reservoirs as built are shown on film. Shots of upland stream. Bruce describes Bateman's system of residuum lodges for the natural trapping of particles in suspension. Film of residuum lodges shown. Film of Woodhead dam and reservoir. Bruce describes the construction of the Woodhead Dam. Diagram of earthwork dam is shown. After heavy rain. Film of spillway shown and Bruce describes the purpose of the spillway. The reservoirs are described and film shown. Particular attention is paid to the Bottoms reservoir, the last in the series of five.
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Module code and title: AST281, Science and the rise of technology since 1800
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First transmission date: 30-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Patricia Hodgson
Contributor: F. E. Bruce
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Drainage; London; Manchester; Pollution, water; Rivers; Sewerage; Sewers; Waste disposal; Water supply; Weirs
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