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This programme looks at resource conflicts in Northern Scotland. Dr. Stephen Drury presents a film report about resources offered by or near Northern Scotland land, water, faming, fisheries, minera...l prospects, oil, related to factors such as topography, geology, population, etc. He looks at some of the effects of North Sea Oil development on other resources, influx porulation, indigenous population and environnent and asks Is the boom likely to be long-tern or short-tem? Will oil be followed by nickel boom, a chromium boom or a uranium boom? What are the chances of permanently developing Northern Scotland and of using its resources locally? This is followed by a lively discussion on resource conflicts chaired by Ian Gass, Professor of Earth Science at the Open University. Taking part in the discussion are Sir Kingsley Dunham F.R.S., Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences whose particular expertise is mineral resources, and Sir Peter Kent, F.R.S., now Chairman of the Natural Environment Research Council, formerly exploration manager with British Petroleum, who will be talking about the impact of North Sea Oil. Local interests are represented by Gordon Craig, F.R.S.E., Professor of Geology at the University of Edinburgh, and biological interests by Sir Duncan Poore, who was until recently the Director of the Nature Conservancy.
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Item code: S26-; 01; 1974
First transmission date: 02-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: Stephen Drury; Ian Gass
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Environmental pressure; North Sea oil development; Northern Scotland
Subject terms: Agriculture; Fisheries; Geology
Footage description: Ian Gass introduces the programme. He outlines the sorts of conflicts which arise when decisions have to be made on natural resource exploitation. Stephen Drury discusses the resources available in Northern Scotland. Shots of N. Scotland landscape. Shots of a hydro-electric power station in Scotland. Shots of two farms in N. Scotland. (One sheep, one arable). Shots of fish being prepared for market in Scotland, shots of an experimental fish farm. Shots of Igneous and metamorphic rocks In Scotland associated vlth mineral content. Shots of map of N. Scotland showing areas of metal and mineral exploration. Shots of a North Sea oil rig. Drury examines the possiblity of extablishing long term full employment in N. Scotland. Shots of a BEA plane carrying tourists. Shot of an aluminium smelting plant in Scotland. Shot of a wood pulp mill in Scotland. Drury discusses the use of North Sea oil to provide permanent full-time employment for the area. Drury then discusses the environmental consequences of large scale industrial developmen in Northern Scotland. Shots of large earth moving equipment in operation, an oil refinery, an offshore oil rig, a hydroelectric station, a nuclear power station. Ian Gass sums up, then introduces Sir Kingsley Dunham, Sir Peter Kent, Gordon Craig and Duncan Poore. The above group discuss several aspects of resource exploitation and development in Northern Scotland. The discussion is interspersed with occasional diagrams, pictures, etc. The discussion deals in the main with North Sea oil exploitation and its effect on the environment and economy of Northern Scotland.
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