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A look at the A.S.T.M.S. dispute involving laboratory technicians in hospitals.
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Module code and title: P881, Industrial relations
Item code: P881; 04
First transmission date: 06-06-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:00
Note: Also used for PT281
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Producer: Nell Smith
Contributors: Reg Bird; Joan Raisin; Brian Barrett
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): A.S.T.M.S.; Conditions of service; Hackney Hospital; Zuckerman report on medical laboratory technicians in the NHS
Footage description: Over views of laboratory technicians at work, there are brief statements on the nature of the dispute. An outline of the A.S.T.M.S. claim for better payments is given, which Bird further elaborates on. The possibilities of strike action are looked over. The problem of compulsory on-call work is briefly mentioned. Further difficulties created by the recommendations of the Zuckermann Report are described, with Bird commenting in detail on A.S.T.M.S. view of it. More problems following on from the general N.H.S. reorganisation and the effects on medical laboratories are outlined. The technicians discuss how they feel the job should be structured from a professional and career point and how they see their own futures threatened. Raison comments on some of the concerns felt over career development, which many technicians see as bad.
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