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The story of Berlin and its buildings is one of visionary creation and terrible destruction. From the 19th century architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel to the Bauhaus pioneers of Modernism and the reb...uilding of the city after the fall of the Wall, it is a city that has always looked to the future. Architect Albert Speer had grand plans to transform Berlin into a monumental Nazi capital for Adolf Hitler, and the buildings that remain from his scheme are still haunted by their terrible associations. There is no other city in the world where the morality of the architecture has been so heavily scrutinized. Buildings with Imperial, Nazi and Communist pasts all inspire fierce debates about whether this city should acknowledge or deny its checkered history.
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Series: Berlin
First transmission date: 21-11-2009
Original broadcast channel: BBC2
Published: 2009
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Duration: 00:58:54
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Director: Sam Hobkinson
Presenter: Matt Frei
Contributors: Matt Frei; Friedrich Haegele; Sascha Keil; Hanna Knebusch; Heidi Krehl; Sonia Schroeter-Haacker; Gerhard Walensky; Heinrich Wulf
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Architecture--Germany--Berlin; Berlin (Germany)
Production number: FKAE212T
Videofinder number: 82241
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