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Ignored by many historians, and eclipsed in the public eye by the more spectacular steam engine, the internal combustion engine was a key source of power in late 19th Century Britain - long before ...its role in transport. gas engines, oil engines, petrol engines, all played their part in running the machinery on Britain's workshops, farms and even shops. The development of the internal combustion engine is traced in this programme, from the 'atmospheric' engine of the 1860s to the four cylinder - the forerunners of today's car engines. The key technological advance, Otto's four stroke cycle, is explained by means of an animation, but early examples of engines are shown, still in working order, such as Otto's first four stroke engine and Otto and Langen's atmospheric engine.
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Module code and title: A281, Technology and change c.1750-1914
Item code: A281; 09
First transmission date: 04-08-1984
Published: 1984
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Producer: Neil Cameron
Contributors: Ken Barlow; Clive Lawless
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Automobile engine; Diesel engine; Industrial revolution; Internal combustion engine; Langen's atmospheric engine; Otto's 4 stroke engine; Petrol engine
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Production number: FOUA182B
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