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Through the centuries the trial of Socrates has been seen in terms of an intellectual martyr's struggle against the power of the state. What exactly was Socrates accused of and how far was his cond...emnation actually an expression of popular feeling? Chris Emlyn-Jones examines the fragmentary evidence from literary and archaeological sources to reconstruct a context for Socrates' trial and condemnation.
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Module code and title: A294, Fifth-century Athens: democracy and city state
Item code: A294; 06
First transmission date: 04-07-1989
Published: 1989
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Duration: 00:24:35
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Producer: Tony Coe
Contributor: C. J. Emlyn-Jones
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Archaeology; Democracy; Martyrdom; Philosophy; Socrates
Subject terms: Socrates; Athens (Greece) --Civilisation
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Production number: FOUA281J
Videofinder number: 3131
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