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This programme reflects on some of the critical processes involved in the study of history. Is 'history' what actually happened or what we make of it? Any reconstruction of the past is distorted, b...oth because the evidence that has survived is limited and and because the way we use that evidence is determined by the way we live now. However, argues Lorna Hardwick, as the Greeks themselves were aware, interrogating the past can be used to illuminate and even challenge the present. The argument is developed around a variety of case studies; Dawn Run's 'historic' victory at the 1986 Cheltenham Gold Cup, Tom Paulin's 'Seize the fire' (a moodern adaptation of 'Prometheus Bound', and King's College Film Unit's 1980's version of 'The Bacchae', a comparison of the architecture of the Royal Exchange with that of the Parthenon, and the trial of Socrates in the the light of 20th century experiences.
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Module code and title: A294, Fifth-century Athens: democracy and city state
Item code: A294; 08
First transmission date: 27-08-1989
Published: 1989
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Producer: Mags Noble
Contributor: Lorna Hardwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Architecture; History; Parthenon; Royal Exchange; The Bacchae
Subject terms: Athens (Greece) --Civilisation
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Production number: FOUA283X
Videofinder number: 3132
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