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Professor Tim Benton investigates the unusual history of the Cathedral's construction from the early 13th to the end of the 14th century which reflects the triumphs and disasters of the Siena City ...State in its rivalry with Florence, beginning with the Battle of Montaperti. Professor John White discusses the marble pulpit by Nicola Pisano and Professor Carla Pietramellara explains how the nave was also enlarged further under Nicola's direction. Electronic reconstructions show how the great round window was originally installed, and under it the huge altarpiece or Maesta by Duccio di Buoninsegna, and Pietro Lorenzetti's "Birth of the Virgin". The sculpted facade by Giovani Pisano is closely scrutinised with technical descriptions provided by Emilio Frati. Tim Benton looks further at the addition of the new Baptistery and the implications that led to Maitani's plan for a vast expansion of the whole Cathedral or Nuovo Duomo under the direction of Giovani di Agostmo before he perished in the Black Death.
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Module code and title: A354, "Art, society and religion in Siena, Florence and Padua 1280-1400"
Item code: A354; 08
First transmission date: 1994
Published: 1994
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Producer: Charles Cooper
Contributors: Tim Benton; Jane Lapotaire; John White
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Black Death; Duccio di Buoninsegna; Florence; Giovanni di Agostino; Great Round Window; Lorenzetti; Pulpit
Subject terms: Cathedrals--Italy--Siena; Duccio, di Buoninsegna, d. 1319. La Maestà; Maitani, Lorenzo. Duomo Nuovo; Pisano, Giovanni; Pisano, Niccolò; Siena (Italy) --Buildings, structures, etc; --Siena (Italy) --Churches; --Siena Cathedral
Footage description: Footage - View of column. Various paintings. Stained glass window, Paintings. Statue (00'-0'36") View of Siena panning to cathedral. Carvings on arch. Cathedral facade. View of carvings on front of the cathedral. Stained glass window. Arched ceiling panning to view of Green and White marble. Carvings on cathedral. Arch. Uncompleted part of cathedral (0'37"-3'12") Tim Benton. View of the cathedral situated on a hill. Close-up of dome and drum. Ornate arch. Arch inside cathedral. Dome. Triple windows in green and white marble. Tim Benton by Triple window. Internal view of the drum. Cupola panning to pillars in cathedral (3'13"-5'58") Plan of cathedral. Tower panning to top. View of eroded side of tower, showing soft brick. Plan of Cathedral. Looking down at inside of the cathedral. Tim Benton inside cathedral (5'59"-8'45") Views of "The Madonna of the large eyes". Tim Benton in cathedral. Cupola panning to view below. Pisano's pulpit. John White. Views of carving on the pulpit (8'46"-13'08") John White. Views of carvings on the pulpit. View of pulpit. View of nave. Carla Pietramellara. View of capitals. Round stained glass window of "The assumption of the virgin". View of altar. Close-up of stained glass window. Part of the Maesta. Animation of old altar below round window. Altar as it is today. Maesta. Virgin with large eyes. Maesta. Animated panals of Maesta showing lost scenes. Back panals of Maesta (13'09"-20'41") Animation showing previous altar. "Virgins birth" by Lorenzetti. Carvings on pulpit. Tim Benton with pulpit in background. Plan of cathedral. John White. External view of cathedral. Close-up of external carvings. Statues inside cathedral. View of sculpture room. Miriam, Marie Moise. External carvings on cathedral. Statues inside cathedral.External carvings (20'42"-25'50") Emilio Frati. Close-up of carvings. Lion statue. Facade of cathedral. Right portal of new facade. External view of facade. Carvings: Moses; King David; Sibyl; Habakkuk; Plato; John the Baptist: Saint Paul; Archangel Michael. Mosaic representing "Coronation of the virgin". Round window. Sculptures panning to coloured glass mosaic. Three statues showing coloured glass mosaic. Facade of cathedral (25'51"-30'28") Tim Benton. View of city from cathedral. Plan showing Baptistery. Tim Benton. View of city from cathedral. Piazza. Exterior of Palazzo Pubblico. View from top of Palazzo Pubblico panning to cathedral. (30'29"-32'19") Plan of cathedral. Facade of cathedral. Internal view of cathedral. Pillars and arched ceiling. Carvings. Plan of cathedral. Vellum drawing of new east facade. Facade of cathedral. 19th century copy of drawing. Detail of facade of cathedral. Sculpture of Gothic head on exterior of cathedral. Coloured marble on facade. Melted capitals showing band of Acanthue leaves. Coloured marble. Gothic statues. Facade of cathedral. Tim Benton in sand stone tunnel (32'20"-36'38") Plan of cathedral Carla Pietramelara. Plan of cathedral. View of cathedral. Incomplete facade panning to cathedral. Right aisle of facade. Uncompleted facade. Carvings on exterior of cathedral. arch. View from uncompleted facade window. Views of uncompleted facade. Carvings. Steps leading to portal. Carvings on portal. Views of sculpture in crypt. Tim Benton (36'39"-43'47") View of cathedral. View of portal. View of cathedral. Facade of cathedral. External views of cathedral. Plan of cathedral. External view of cathedral. Internal view od cathedral panning to ceiling. Arch. Internal views of cathedral (43'48"-46'25") John White. View of cathedral. View of uncompleted facade. Facade. View of cathedral. painting (46'26"-48'02")
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