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This programme looks at the establishment of the great military hospitals. Les Invalides in Paris and the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham near Dublin. Evidence from the Blenheim tapestries and at Gravelines and Kinsale throw light on the life of the soldier, as do demonstrations of how weapons were used by the History Re-Enactment workshop.
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Module code and title: A220, "Princes and peoples: France and the British Isles, 1620-1714"
Item code: A220; 06
First transmission date: 24-07-1995
Published: 1995
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Duration: 00:23:56
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video A220/5,6,7,8
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributor: Clive Emsley
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 17th century; Dublin; Hospitals; Les Invalides; Military hospitals; Paris; Poor relief; Power; Religion; Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Subject terms: Military art and science; Military history; Military hospitals; Strategy
Master spool number: DOU7780
Production number: FOUA444E
Videofinder number: 5054
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