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This programme looks at the Harrier pilots of the RAF. The Harrier is a highly sophisticated and expensive piece of military hardware embodying a revolutionary technology. For all this, it is opera...ted by a single person and places extremely high demands on its operator. Consequently an elaborate system of selection and training is required. The programme examines some of the assumptions about "human qualities" and "learning processes" which characterise the current RAF system for selecting and training Harrier pilots. The pilots themselves tell the story as much as possible. Each of them has cost the taxpayer at least a million pounds to train and despite the massive safety emphasis, theirs is a risky life.
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Module code and title: U201, Risk
Item code: U201; 05
First transmission date: 13-05-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:23:52
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Producer: Kenneth Patton
Contributors: Bruce Cogram; Jack Dowie; Dickie Duckett; Barry Horton; Clive Loader; Roger McCauffrey
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Harrier jets; Pilots; Risk
Footage description: The programme opens with a Harrier pilot climbing into a flight simulator. Various shots of the simulator and the simulated flight image. Jack Dowie talks about the costs of training pilots and the need in peace time to minimise risks. Shots of pilots drinking in a bar. Squadron Leader Bruce Cogram describes the performance of the Harrier and the need for a high degree of skill in flying the machine. Bruce Cogram and Flight Lieutenant Roger McCauffrey are shown at a pre-flight briefing. They take a Harrier for a very short take-off and landing consolidation exercise. Shots of the take off, flight and landing. They then hold a debriefing session. Flight Lieutenant Clive Loader describes the workload a new pilot has to take upon joining a combat squadron. Squadron Leader Barry Horton points out the problems of flying in formation with an inexperienced pilot. Wing Commander Dickie Duckett describes the qualities needed by a pilot. Bruce Horton talks about the safety measures taken in the squadron. Clive Loader describes a training exercise and some of the pleasures of high speed low level flight. Various shots of Harriers on the runway, in flight, manoeuvring. Roger McCauffrey and Clive Loader describe the qualities needed by Harrier pilots. Dickie Duckett and Barry Horton talk about the constraints imposed on training and flying during peacetime and the quality of the selection procedures. Clive Loader explains how he sees the wartime role of the Harrier squadrons. Shots of a squadron briefing session. Roger McCauffrey and Dickie Duckett describe the selection procedure and the different qualities needed by a good fighter pilot and an officer. Clive Loader talks about the pilots pride and loyalty to their group. Shot of a Harrier hovering.
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