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This is the second programme about Eileen Barker's research on the Unification Church. The programme consists of extracts from an in-depth interview recorded by Dr. Barker and a sect member, Richar...d Barlow. The interview begins with questions about Richard's early life; he was born in Addis Ababa and grew up in Rhodesia. Feeling unable as a 'white liberal' to do anything about the racial situation in that country he left university and came to England. Soon after coming to this country he joined the Unification Church because, as he puts it, he'd been looking for "Some kind of higher value and for a group of people who were trying to live that value" which he hadn't found elsewhere. Later he was married or 'blessed' along with 1,800 other couples by the Rev. Moon in Korea. Free choice of marriage partner is not allowed and individuals are 'advised' by the Church who they should marry. This programme gives a unique insight into the experience and feelings of an individual belonging to the Unification Church.
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Module code and title: D207, An introduction to sociology
Item code: D207; 02
First transmission date: 28-05-1981
Published: 1981
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Producer: Nell Smith
Contributors: Eileen Barker; Richard Barlow
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Moonies; Religion; Sociology
Footage description: Eileen Barker interviews Richard Barlow, a member of the Unification Church. Over shots of Richard settling down for the interview, Eileen describes how it is structured and the range of topics she tries to cover. Firstly she asks Richard formal questions about his age, date of joining the church, etc. The interview then develops in a less formal manner. Richard answers questions about his childhood, his parents' attitude to religion, his involvement in politics, future plans and his experience of preaching in New York. He talks about his education in Rhodesia and religious feelings whilst there and how he was drawn to the Unification Church. He then talks about the 'blessings' (the practice of Rev. Moon of advising church members about whom they should marry). He speaks about his own marriage and his feelings for his child. He talks about his relationship with his own father. Finally Eileen asks for his comments on the interview and her position as a researcher.
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