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This is the sixth programme in a series of eight and, like all the others, is divided into three case studies filmed on location in the cities of Vancouver, British Columbia; Cracow, Poland and Bir...mingham, U.K. The theme of this programme is how people in the three cities become involved in a variety of urban political movements. In Vancouver, we look at the rise and accession to power of The Electors Action Movement (TEAM) who took over the city government in the 1972 elections. Their policies and personnel are examined in the light of the city's development at that time and in particular their opposition to urban renewal and urban freeways. In Birmingham, we look at the opposition to the expansion of Birmingham's Elmdon Airport. In Cracow, the acute problem of atmospheric pollution is taken as a case study for the growth in public awareness of shortfalls in public participation in the state's planning policies. This programme has been re-made to include an updating by Allan Cochrane, acting Course Team Chairman, on the significance of recent events in Poland plus comment by Tim Sebastian, former BBC correspondent in Poland on the ecological movement in Cracow and the influence of Solidarity on the problem of pollution.
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Module code and title: D202, Urban change and conflict
Item code: D202; 06; 1983
First transmission date: 18-07-1983
Published: 1983
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Duration: 00:49:39
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: Allan Cochrane; Chris Hamnett; Iain Taylor
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Birmingham; Cracow; Elmdon Airport; Mixed-economy; Public participation; Socialist/capitalist; Solidarity; The Electors Action Movement; Urban political movements; Vancouver
Master spool number: HOU4438
Production number: FOUD235S
Videofinder number: 3822
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