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The programme deals with the administration of a questionnaire survey for council house tenants and applicants in Birmingham. The questionnaire is designed to look at the process of getting council... house accommodation. An interview between a researcher and a West Indian tenant is shown. A large number of the questions are open-ended in order to discover people's perception of the allocation system. The interpretation and coding of attitudinal questionnaires like these is a lengthy and complicated business. This programme shows the researchers doing preliminary 'weighting' of the completed questionnaires and gives insight into the techniques of evaluation which are required.
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Module code and title: D207, An introduction to sociology
Item code: D207; 08; 1985
First transmission date: 30-06-1985
Published: 1985
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Duration: 00:22:59
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Producer: Nell Smith
Contributors: Bill Brown; Zara Faherty; Jeff Henderson; Valerie Karn; Ken Little; Dorett Phillips; Jean Trainor
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Birmingham; Decision making; Housing policy; Sociology
Master spool number: HOU5353
Production number: FOUD288F
Videofinder number: 38
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