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This programme, the last television programme in the course E200 reviews some of the themes raised. It looks towards the future and Stuart Maclure, Editor of The Times Educational Supplement, discu...sses this with Bob Bell, a member of the course team. It uses clips from some of the programmes seen earlier and these are used as a basis for further discussion.
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Module code and title: E200, Contemporary issues in education
Item code: E200; 20
First transmission date: 03-10-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:23:40
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Producer: Richard Argent
Contributors: Bob Bell; Stuart Maclure
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Comprehensive schools; Educational politics; Finances; Higher education; Public schools; Technology for teachers
Footage description: Bob Bell in the studio introduces Stuart Maclure, editor of the Times Educational Supplement, with whom he is to discuss educational issues likely to be important in the future. An excerpt from E200/01 Richard Hoggart: A Measured Life is shown in which Hoggart describes the educational opportunities that were available to him in a traditional working class community. Bell and Maclure discuss likely future trends in working class education. Stills of A.J.Ayer and of Eton. They discuss what will happen to British public schools by the end of the century. The political implications of changing the public schools are considered. Sequences from E200/22 Travelling with Dignity are shown. Irish gypsies are seen travelling to school; a new school for Irish gypsies is seen being opened; the centralised educational provision for Irish gypsies is described; brief shots of an individual training centre for young gypsies. Maclure and Bell discuss whether or not Britain should have a centralised form of educational control. They consider the way in which British education authorities are financed, and likely trends in youth training schemes and in higher education. A sequence from E200/15 A Many Splendoured Thing, Part 2 is shown, in which the implications for the future of education posed by micro-computers and other new technology are debated. Bell and Maclure discuss likely changes in the structure of British education, particularly in the light of new technologies.
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