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This programme looks at the study of children's play. The first half of the programme looks at observational techniques and the second half considers experimental techniques.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 03
First transmission date: 26-03-1995
Published: 1995
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Duration: 00:24:01
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Producer: Geoff Wheeler
Contributors: Andrew Sachs; Kathy Sylva
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Andrew Tolmie; Balfron Primary School; Christine Howe; Coding; Cognitive development; Complex play; Experiments; Hypothesis; Karen Littleton; Observation; Peter Bryant; Piaget; Research methods; Simply play; Theory; Wolsingham School Nursery
Subject terms: Child development--Research--Methodology
Footage description: Footage - Wolsingham School Nursery: children with scales, girl takes toy from boy & sits at table with children. Boys play fighting. Girl painting. Boy removing apron. Girl holding doll. Children playing with scales. Kathy Sylva speaking. Nursery: 3 children playing with sandpit. Woman sitting with children. Girl sits at table. Boy moulding plasticine. Children playing with objects in water bath (0'20"-2'23") - Kathy speaking. Children making lego models. Close ups of boys. Child with scales & plastic fruit. Girl walks across nursery. 2 women. Kathy speaking. Close up of girl. Children with scales. 2 boys playing with water bath (2'24"-5'29") - Kathy speaking. Lego. Pan back to children with lego. 2 women comparing notes. Coding results. 2 women speaking. Coding sheet. Boys play fighting. Woman observing. Kathy speaking (5'30"-7'36"). Girls playing with scales. Girl with beads. Close ups of children at table. Still of children with statistics. 3 children at table. Girl walks to sandpit (7'37"-8'41") - Peter Bryant speaking. Children playing at sandpit. Girl carries another girl to sandpit. Peter speaking. 2 boys at sandpit. Boy walks across room. Woman observing. View of nursery (8'42"-10'30") Christine Howe speaking to girl. B/w still Piaget with pipe. Christine speaking. Children at table with tank of water & objects. Children put objects into tank. Christine speaking. Christine speaking to girl. Christine hands bottle to girl. Results being written. Christine & girl. Christine speaking (10'31"-13'32") - Christine speaking to boy. She puts metal dish in front of him. Close up of metal dish. Child speaks & Christine writes. 4 children at table. Split screen of 2 groups children. 4 children. Close ups 2 girls. Andrew Tolmie speaking to children. Children writing. Andrew. Child's hand. Answer card. Girl speaking. Pan to boy. Rubber ring. Children (13'33"-15'24") - Christine speaking. Rubber ring placed in tank & sinks. Children. Christine speaking to girl. Christine speaking (15'25"-17'05") - Children at table. Christine speaking. Andrew & boy at table. Boy writes. Andrew puts bottle in tray, places ring in front of girl. Children & Andrew. Andrew speaking. Children at table. Boy puts bottle in tank. Bottle floating. Christine speaking. Children. Boy puts object in tank. Girls. Object floating. Girls. Christine speaking (17'06"-20'34") - Toy cars. Wooden tracks. Car running down track. Children carry out test. Christine speaking. Car runs down track. Peter speaking. Woman observing in nursery. Children playing at table. Children conducting toy car test (20'35"-24'00").
Master spool number: DOU7568
Production number: FOUE315R
Videofinder number: 4869
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