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This video consists of profiles of seven educational leaders from various sectors of education. In each section the leader describes their leadership style and how they see their role in promoting ...a vision for the institution. Other areas considered include the origins of their leadership skills, their techniques for organising their work and how they tackle the important area of effective communication.
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Module code and title: E838, Effective leadership and management in education
Item code: E838; VCR2
Published: 1996
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Duration: 01:00:24
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Producer: Geoff Wheeler
Contributors: Mike Butler; Danuta Elsner; Merle Jackson; Yvonne Jeffries; Linda McTavish; Keith Tinline-Purvis
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Alicja Gazka; Anna Monyard; Anniesland College; Brine Leas County High School; Francis Whitehurst; Fromebank Junior School; Haywood High School; Headteachers; Jim Anderson; Mike Fury; Provincial Inservice Education Centre, Poland; Sian Hiscocks; Teamwork; Thomas Johnson Lower School; Ursula Strzelczk
Master spool number: DOU8928
Production number: FOUE385E
Videofinder number: 5292
Available to public: no