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In this film two sets of parents who are trying to bring up their children in a non-sexist way are interiewed by June Statham of the Open University. The two families were part of a research proje...ct investigating the ideas and experience of a small group of parents who defined themselves as trying to raise their children with non-traditional sex roles.
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Module code and title: U221, The changing experience of women
Item code: U221; 07
First transmission date: 07-08-1983
Published: 1983
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Duration: 00:24:08
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Producer: Ann Pointon
Contributors: June Stathan; Marita Buckley; Tony Kitchener; Michelle Cohen; David Downing
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Child rearing; Non-sexism
Master spool number: HOU4024
Production number: FOUP102B
Videofinder number: 1330
Available to public: no