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This specially shot film programme looks at the extent to which office work and career prospects particularly for women, are changing under the impact of new technology. Managers, secretaries, cle...rical and word processing staff from two firms are interviewed. One medium sized firm, the Meat and Livestock Commission, still has many traditional practices and is only gradually introducing technological change The second firm, Davy McKee Engineering of London, is part of an international corporation. A change of office location accelerated their extensive adoption of new office technology and complete reorganisation of secretarial services. Secretaries work in A.P.C.'s (Administrative Processing Centres) rather than directly one or more managers. Their feelings about this change are explored.
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Module code and title: U221, The changing experience of women
Item code: U221; 06
First transmission date: 13-07-1983
Published: 1983
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Ann Pointon
Contributors: Veronica Beechey; H, K. Baker; Ian Mortimer; M. Lintonbon; K. Croft; Joyce Tilbury; Maureen Creech; Doreen Hobson; Jenny Edwards; E. G. Frater; E. G. Hole; O. B. Sharp; Elaine Smith; Alison Saul; Jacobs Wendy; Georgina Wilde
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Career development; Clerical work; Davy McKee engineering; Meat and livestock commission; Office technology; Secretarial work
Master spool number: HOU4255
Production number: FOUP134N
Videofinder number: 1329
Available to public: no