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In this film 3 women talk about their upbringing, education, and their experiences as women in their private and public lives. Sheila Hancock is an actress and Associate Director of the Cambridge T...heatre Company. Dorothy Kuya, who previously worked for the Community Relations Commission, and has been a nurse and teacher, is now Race and Ethnic Relations Adviser for a North London Borough Council. Inez McCormack, ex social worker and N.U.P.E. shop steward is now a full time N.U.P.E. official in Belfast. We try to elicit whether they felt their experiences were affected by the fact of being women. Was there pressure to conform to stereotypical expectations Do other people respond to them in particular ways because they are women.
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Module code and title: U221, The changing experience of women
Item code: U221; 01A
First transmission date: 16-02-1983
Published: 1983
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Duration: 00:23:50
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Producer: Ann Pointon
Presenter: Sonia Ruehl
Contributors: Sheila Hancock; Dorothy Kuya; Inez McCormack; Veronica Beechey
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cambridge Theatre Company; Career; Education; Family experience; N.U.P.E; North London Borough Council; Women's experience
Master spool number: HOU4441
Production number: FOUP158X
Videofinder number: 1323
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