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In principle, a country's heath services should be designed to match the health needs of the population. How true is this of Brazil? This programme takes an inside look at health services in Rio d...e Janeiro, exploring the way the system works and conditions in the clinics, hospitals and dispensaries. Neither patients, doctors or government officials, it would appear, are satisfied with the present arrangements, so why are things as they are?
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Module code and title: U205, Health and disease
Item code: U205; 09
First transmission date: 24-08-1985
Published: 1985
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Duration: 00:23:34
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video U205/2,9,11,17,18.
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Producer: Victor Lockwood
Contributors: Edwardo Costa; Minerva Peireira da Silva; Jose Martins; Anna da Louza Rocha; Antonio da Louza Rocha; Dr. Wanda; Roberto Chabo; Robert Zani
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bronchitis; Osteomyelitis; Poliomyelitis; Rio de Janeiro; Sanitation
Footage description: Footage - Train entering Central station Rio de Janerio. Passengers disembarking. Station concourse. Aerial view of queue panning to moving traffic. Edwardo Costa. Minerva Perera de Silva in kitchen, buttons up blouse, picks up file and handbag. Leaves home and walks along street. Minerva with women and baby(0'27"-3'56") - Health centre reception. Family approaches reception desk. Children by doorway panning:water in gutter, women washing clothes, people looking out of window. Edwardo Costa. Aerial view of family in yard. Anna de Louza Rocha and daughter. View of Anna and daughter's legs showing effect of polio on daughter's legs. Da Louza Rocha family in kitchen. Anna combing daughter's hair(3'56"-9'03") - Overhead shot of Caxias station panning to people on bridge crossing track, buildings in background. Dr Wanda in office. Street scene. People queuing outside pharmacy. Receptionist dealing with queue. 2 women with pharmacy supplies on top of cabinets.Man speaking. Queue. 2 men speaking. Queue in hospital. Mothers and children interspersed with mothers applying steam inhalation to babies, babies in hospital cots. Nurse lifting baby from cot. Edwardo Costa(9'04"-15'25") - Hospital. Ward. Strike meeting in Rio. Dr Wanda. Roberto Chabo. People outside entrance to building. Beach scene interspersed with, Man examined in hospital, Golfers, street scene, park with traffic and buildings in background. Exterior view of private clinic. Women entering clinic. Doctor speaking interspersed with receptionist, women entering doctor's surgery, private room, 2 women looking at view outside clinic, CAT scan patient and doctor looking at scan screen. Scene around station(15'26"-24'29").
Master spool number: HOU5140
Production number: FOUP233W
Videofinder number: 1263
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