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Lord Puttnam, Chancellor of The Open University, marks the 40th anniversary of the institution in this special birthday lecture. He addresses the challenges facing the world of education as we purs...ue the digital revolution in face of the credit crunch and the threat of ecological disaster. Lord Puttnam delivered this lecture at the Berrill Lecture Theatre on The Open University Campus, Milton Keynes.
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First transmission date: 20-04-2009
Published: 2009
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Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Open University
Footage description: Part 1: Lord Puttnam explores the 'war' between past and future, and the race between education and catastrophe -- Part 2: The educational value of online games and the power of the moving image are keys to educational success in an age of learning sans frontières -- Part 3: Concluding the lecture, Lord Puttnam reveals why he believes The Open University is central to winning the quest for a happy ending.
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