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In order to move and continue life the body needs to turn fuel, consumed as food, into energy. This programme examines the biochemical pathways and control mechanisms involved in this process. The ...metabolic breakdown of glycogen and triglyceride to drive the phosphorilation of ADP into ATP is elucidated by examining the way the body responds to the exterion of a marathon. The programme also visits the Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford to see how levels of metabolites can be measured during exercise.
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Module code and title: S325, Biochemistry and cell biology
Item code: S325; 01
First transmission date: 08-04-1986
Published: 1986
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: James Burge
Contributors: Rob Lang; E. A. Newsholme
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): ADP; ATP; Biochemical pathways; Control mechanisms; Glycogen; John Radcliffe Hospital; Marathon; Metabolites; Phophorilation; Triglyceride
Master spool number: HOU4574
Production number: FOUS315R
Videofinder number: 1854
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