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River deltas were an important environment of sediment deposition in the past and several Noth Sea oil reservoirs are now known to be the products of deltaic deposition. Our understanding and recog...nition of the sediments deposited by ancient deltas depends on our knowledge of modern deltaic environments. However, not all modern river deltas are the same. They vary between three extremes: Fluvial Dominated, Wave Dominated, Tide Dominated. Film of the Mississippi and Rhone delats together with Landsat data are used to establish the characteristics of these different deltaic environments. On the West Coast of Ireland Trevor Elliott establishes that the rocks were formed ina deltaic environment. He ends this field trip by explaining how particular sedimentary and structural features can help in interpreting the particular nature of this ancient deltaic environment.'
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Module code and title: S338, Sedimentary processes and basin analysis
Item code: S338; 08
First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Producers: Barrie Whatley; Mark Van Veen
Contributor: Trevor Elliott
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Deltas; Deposition; Fluvial domination; Mississippi delta; North Sea; Oil reservoirs; Rhone delta; Sediment; Tide domination; Wave domination
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