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Module code and title: U205, Health and disease
Item code: U205; 18
Published: 1995
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Duration: 00:24:02
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video U205/2,9,11,17,18.
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Producer: Gail Block
Contributors: Jane Copeland; Helen Roberts
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Adaptation; Baby; Development; Environment; Health; Mother; Post-natal depression; Psychology
Subject terms: Child development; Children
Footage description: Footage - Striking a match, Collette enters room with birthday cake, places cake on table. Collette lifts baby then blows out candles, father also helps. various shots of babies playing with toys. Collette hands cake to parent seated on sofa. Baby eating cake. Collette showing book to baby (0'30"-1'34") - benjamin laid in cot & mother's arms. Women undergoing ultrasound. Graphic animation. Water poured on hot coals. Women in sauna. Swimming pool. Women dives into pool then swims. Still of baby and graphic animation (1'35"-6'17") - Premature baby. View of premature baby ward. Baby in cot attached to ventilator and tubes. Mark and Sam Lomasny walk into room and peer into incubator. Nurse picks up baby and hands to Sam. Sam cuddles baby. Sam in chair holding baby with Mark seated beside them (6'18"-8'59") - Mother holds Banjamin, places him in car seat in studio. Mother looks at baby on monitor, 2 people in background. View of baby. View of mother. 2 people monitor baby and mother's reactions. Baby. Mother. Lynne Murray. 2 monitors showing mother and baby. Man. Hand turning dial. Mother through scene. Baby crying. Baby picked up from car seat by mother with Lynne Murray present. Lynne Murray (9'00"-11'40") - Baby's legs. Man holding baby whose feet are walking along the ground. Mother. Father. Baby lying on front then lifted up. Man shows baby a rattle. Man holding baby, mother sits close by. Lynne Murray. Benjamin in bouncing chair lifted out by Catherine who then dances with baby. Baby on floor looking at moving toy. Lynne Murray (11'41"-14'17") - Sheila Sealey climbing into car and starts engine. Sheila arriving at Mrs Cox's house. Questionaire. Mrs Cox and Sheila Sealey seated on armchairs. Baby in walker looking at washing machine. Jordan playing with toys. Toddler's view of kitchen. Looking into washing machine. Open door leading to balcony, panning to view below. Corkerhill estate. WHO flag outside Corkerhill estate and gathering of people. Man playing bagpipes outside shops. Walter Morrison. Helen Roberts walking along Corkerhill estate and entering flat. Shots of Helen Roberts and Mrs Thompson with her family in their flat. Man holding baby shows Helen the window. Dog outside on groung below which is covered with litter (14'18"-19'28") - Helen Roberts. Women looking out of window to ground below. Helen Roberts. Todler opening oven door, cupboard door and extracts bottle of bleach. Corkerhill estate from moving car. Walter Morrison speaking with text superimposed. Park. Helen Roberts. Man on bagpipes, children dancing. Man dressed as 'danger' panning to children. child have face painted. Man using magaphone. Danger taken to the police. Various children playing with toys (19'29"-23'39").
Master spool number: DOU8183
Production number: FOUS802A
Videofinder number: 4903
Available to public: no