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The programme examines the likely effect on the nature of jobs at Pearl Assurance of the introduction of micro-computers in the Actuarial and Accounting departments.
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Module code and title: T243, Systems organisation: the management of complexity
Item code: T243; 04
First transmission date: 07-05-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:23:54
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Producer: Bill Young
Contributors: Harriet Cass; George Larkman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): ASTMS and new technology; Chip technology; Distributed data processing; Mainframe-micro debate; Office technology
Footage description: The programme opens with film of George Larkman, a manual posting clerk, at work on Pearl Assurance's final accounts. In interview he expresses his views on the advent of office computer technology. Film of the exterior of Pearl Assurance's head office, over which Harriet Cass comments briefly on the company's use of computers. In interview a young trainee explains what micro-computers can do. Shots of Pearl Assurance offices. Russell Devitt, supervisor of the final accounts section, is seen at work. In interview he outlines the benefits his department could get from a microprocessor. He explains how he thinks people's jobs might change as a result of the introduction of new technology. Shots of office workers, over which Cass briefly considers possible job changes. Interview with Mike Whitehorn, who is seen operating the final accounts section's microprocessor. He describes the typical use made of the machine. Shots of the actuarial department at Pearl Assurance. Statistician Stuart Cootes explains what benefits he expects his section to get from the use of their new microprocessor. Film of Pearl Assurance's centralised data processing offices in Peterborough. Operators are seen inputting to the large main-frame computer. In voice-over Cass contrasts this with microprocessors. Interview with Einion Holland, general manager of Pearl Assurance. He explains why the development of microprocessors in the company must be carefully controlled. Whitehorn and Devitt comment in interview on senior management's attitudes to the new technology In interview Holland considers the need to restrain the enthusiam of junior management for the new technology. The remainder of the programme shows an ASTMS union meeting about the implicatons for member's jobs of the introduction of new technology. Cut into this is a short interview with Holland in which he considers the relationship between management and unions.
Production number: FOUT025W
Videofinder number: 2703
Available to public: no