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The programme discusses the principles, uses and limitations of the three most common types of drawing - perspective, orthographic and the sectional view. camera script & transcript.
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Module code and title: T101, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T101; 02; 1980
First transmission date: 17-02-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:00
Note: Open University course T101 Living with technology.Open University course T101 Living with technology.Open University course T101 Living with technology.Open University course T101 Living with technology.
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Producer: Michael Crocker
Contributors: John Naughton; Philip Steadman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Orthographic drawing; Perspective drawing; Plan view; Sectional drawing; Technical drawing
Footage description: John Naughton introduces the programme by listing its objectives. Philip Steadman briefly outlines the importance of technical drawings in the development of science and technology. Steadman uses a model of a terraced house to discuss the principles of perspective drawings. Some computer generated graphics are also used Steadman goes on to describe some of the properties of perspective drawings such as the vanishing point, the phenomenon of foreshortening etc. Shots of perspective drawings of the terraced house above as he talks. Steadman uses drawings and computer generated graphics of the terraced house to explain what orthographic drawings are. To re-inforce his points, he covers the model of the house with a rectangular transparent perspex box which has drawn on its sides and top the elevations and roof plan. Finally Steadman explains the nature of floor plans and section plans of houses. By manipulating the model of the terraced house as he talks, he points out how these plans are obtained. Steadman sums up the programme.
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