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The programme has two main objectives. Firstly to illustrate the various types of outputs of the local government planning system in Brighton; and secondly to show the main inputs to the system: th...e developer and the local politician. As the inputs to the system include attitudes of certain individuals the second objective is met by interviewing the financial director of the Marina Company, Mr Blackburn. A view of a developer's role in general is put forward by a developer not connected with the Marina project, Mr Barrie East of Town & City Properties, and the M.P. for Brighton Kemp Town at the time of the Marina bill's journey through parliament, Mr Denis Hobden. Another important aspect of the planning system is the area of rules end regulations which are laid down to govern the system. These are interpreted to a great extent by the borough's paid officials. Consequently although the officials are part of the system they can also be said to put inputs to it. The town clerk explains the official view of the Marina and what the Brighton Council were expecting of it.
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Module code and title: T241, Systems behaviour
Item code: T241; 07
First transmission date: 15-04-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributors: Ronald John Beishon; P Blackburn; W Dodd; Barrie East; Denis Hobden
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Brighton Marina; Local government; Planning systems; Systems management
Footage description: John Beishon introduces the programme. Inputs and outputs of a local government planning system will be examined. Shots of Brighton gasworks. Shot of high rise flats in Brighton. Shot of Brighton entertainment centre. Shots of various hotels in Brighton. Shots of Palace Pier, Brighton. Shots of the site of reclaimed beach on which marina facilities will be built. Shots of caissons being built on site for use in the construction of Brighton Marina harbour. Shot of crane placing caissons on sea bed. Shots of caissons under construction. Beishon's commentary gives details of construction method and costs. The above are all examples of outputs of local government planning systems. Various other outputs are shown on a diagram. Beishon discusses the factor which influence the shape of the outputs. These too are shown on a diagram. W. Dodd, Brighton Town Clerk, (1953 - 72), explains what benefits for the town he personally expected from the Marina. He discusses the possible impact of the scheme on the town. W. Dodd discusses the negotiations which took place between the Marina Company and the Corporation and the benefits for the town which resulted. Some inputs of local government planning systems examined using Brighton Marina as an example. 1. Developer's plans: P. Blackburn, Financial Director of the Brighton Marina Company, discusses the alms of the developer in undertaking projects such as the Marina: He tells how these might differ from the aims of the Corporation and how they affect the town as a whole. B. East, Chairman of Town & City Properties Ltd., tells why developers sometimes become unstuck in their projects. He cites an example of a commercial development in Doncaster which failed. East then explains how a developer plans a development. 2. Feedback input: (Derived from a comparison between outputs and aims). Beishon discusses this and uses local attitudes to a development as his example. D. Hobden, Labour M.P. for Brighton and Kemp Town (1964 - 70), discusses the party political atttitudes to local development (in this case the Marina). Beishon sums up. Shot of a crane constructing the harbour wall at Brighton.
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