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This programme looks at the history of nuclear power, and asks whether or not it has a future.
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Module code and title: T206, Energy for a sustainable future
Item code: T206; VCR2
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:37:26
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Janice Acquah; Chris Anastasi; Malcolm Grimston; Mark Johnson; John Large; Catherine Mitchell; Bryony Worthington
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Atomic energy; BNFL; Sellafield
Subject terms: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Chernobyl, Ukraine, 1986; Electricity; Nuclear energy; Nuclear fission; Nuclear fuels; Nuclear power plants--Accidents; Nuclear power plants; Nuclear reactors; Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.)
Footage description: Footage - Titles / Hospital, MRI Scanner, Generators, Ambulance, Terraced houses. Nuclear station Pan. Nuclear Power Station zoom in to entrance. Dome in background. (00'00" - 00'55") Guest talks. (00'56" - 01'13") Various aerial and pan shots of Nuclear Power Station. Atomic Energy Commission promo. 1960's cars. 1960's house. Mother cooking. Mushroom cloud from nuclear explosion. B&W Photo, Einstein and colleagues. Henrico Fermi (B&W still") Picture of Henrico Fermi's first reactor. Diagram of atomic fission with graphite cladding around fuel rods. Truck carrying early reactor housing. Inside the Nautilus nuclear submarine. Queen christening the Nautilus, breaking bottle on the hull. Building site of a reactor. Cranes lifting etc. Eisenhower makes a speech. View of old Sellafield site. Chimneys polluting. VIP tent and crowds at opening of first MAGNOX reactor. Control room of reactor. Inside the MAGNOX reactor. Aerial view of Windscale military grade plutonium reactor. Diagram of windscale reactor design. (01'14" - 06'00") John Large speaks. Diagram explaining Vigner Energy. Automated machine measuring radioactivity of fuel rods. View of fields around windscale. Cows / Farmers. Scientists measure radioactivity in atmosphere with Geiger counter. Calder hall power station. View of fuel rods clad in magnesium. Views inside power station. Detail of machine stripping magnesium cladding from the fuel rods. (06'01" - 09'06") Guest speaks. Rail trucks carrying nuclear waste. Views of waste stored under chemical solution for processing. Picture of Dounray fastbreeder reactor. Inside view under construction. frontpage report 'The Worlds Atomic Dustbin'. Friends of the Earth demonstrators in fields and marching. View of prototype advanced gas cooled MAGNOX reactor. Internal view. External panorama.( 09'07" - 11'30") Malcolm Grimston speaks. News announcer announces UK nuclear plans. Nuclear building site. View of French reactor site. Views inside & chemical processing. External panorama of site. (11'30" - 13'40"). CBS News report of 3 mile island disaster. Bridge view at 3 mile island. Panel lights detail. (13'41" - 14'20") guest talks. Views of polluting chimneys. Aerial view of Nuclear Power Station. (14'21" - 15'46") Demonstrators in the US. UK Coastline Aerial panorama. External view of Chernobyl disaster, rubble and destroyed reactor. Station Workers. Investigators with clipboards. Aerial views of forests. (15'47" - 18'38") Title, 'Present'. BNFL Advertisement. Arial shots of power station. Views of visitors. News report 'The sale of British Energy'. Bridge view in Sellafield. Waste drilling / dumping. Demonstrators against Nirex. Diagram of Nirex from Sellafield. vitrification plant at Sellafield. Inside view. Bridge view. Uranium Mining. View of Plutonium and Uranium recombination process to make MOX fuels. Detail of MOX pellets. Heavy lifting, containers of MOX loaded onto ships. External view of station. Diagrams of Pebble Bed Reactor. External view of Coulum in Oxfordshire. Magnetic torus. View of plasma & magnetic bottle forming inside torus. Views of torus being built. London streets, modern day. Electricity pylon.
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