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The programme consists of illustrations and comments on the various ways human intervention has affected natural evolutionary processes: primitive husbandry and its effects; artificial selection v.... natural selection; effects of predators and feral populations.
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Module code and title: S365, Evolution
Item code: S365; 03; US version
First transmission date: 1992
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:30:00
Note: HAP277 (US version)
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributor: Caroline Pond
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Artificial selection; Bear; Egrets; Evolution; Goats; Husbandry; Pigs; Rabbits; Reindeer; Sheep
Subject terms: Domestic animals; Evolution (Biology); Extinction (Biology); Genetic engineering; Natural selection
Master spool number: HAP277
Production number: HAP277
Videofinder number: 4082
Available to public: no