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This looks at the question of identity
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Series: Screen First
First transmission date: 05-06-2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:57:02
Note: Screen first is a series of special screenings of recent and forthcoming OU TV programmes
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Producer: David Gilbert
Contributors: Juice Aleem; Billy Bragg; Sakari Douglas Camp; Felix Dexter; Graham Dickson; Phillip Dodd; David Ervine; Abigail Fallis; Fortune; Janathan Freedland; Gary Holt; John Lydon; Rhona Martin; Tim Mellors; Lucy Mills; Grant Mitchell; Javaid Naveed; Trevor Philips; Lumturi Podrimaj; Nick Rafferty; Victoria Rose; Tiger S; Jonathon Sacks; Lemn Sissay; Atmaswarup Swami; Tim Yeo
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Loftus Road
Subject terms: Anthems--Scores; Flags; Identity (Philosophical concept); Multiculturalism--Great Britain
Master spool number: BOU10046
Production number: JOUA246D
Videofinder number: 6327
Available to public: no