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'It's an incredibly successful £5bn industry with 20 million customers. But it's so worrying consumer watchdogs that it's been called a "protection racket" - and you may well have been t...he victim. The most expensive protection Moneyfacts found was £1300. If you've ever taken out a mortgage or loan, or hold a credit card, you've probably been offered Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI as it's called. It's meant to help you if you become ill or get made redundant, so that you can meet your repayments, but all too often, it's letting people down. And the banks are making a fortune in profits on these much-criticised policies.'
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Series: The Money Programme
First transmission date: 07-04-2006
Published: 2006
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Director: Dan Trelford
Contributors: Alan Barry; Gill Barry; Stewart Dickey; Claire Doyle; Max Flint; Andrew Hagger; Mike Naylor; Lorenne Sturt; Mark Thomas; Jonathan Trafford; Peter Tutton
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Banks and banking--Great Britain; Finance, Personal--Great Britain
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Production number: LSGB341J
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